When will Xbox 360 Price Go Down?

It has already gone down in price for some bundles. From past experience, it can be assumed that the bundles will have price cuts one by one, and the price cut of any bundle can end at any time.


Hottest Xbox 360 Deal Right Now

There’s a new Xbox Holiday bundle now with a good price cut. Here you can find a good user comment on it:



Other Hot Bundles

So each bundle may go down in price at different times. You should keep checking the Xbox 360 consoles bestselling list during this period to get a good offer for the bundle that you’re interested in. When it’s offered at a price cut, the console will go to the top of the list. Look at their prices too, to see if it’s at a good price:



All the new holiday bundles come with the new Xbox 360 E console, which is sleeker and quieter than the previous Xbox 360 slim console (Xbox 360 S). It’s also more stylish in appearance. Both consoles are the same in terms of functionality.

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